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How to reset my PeopleSoft Password

Please refer to this How-to guide

How to reset my PeopleSoft password (video)

How to best use Webex or Teams for hybrid in-person and remote meetings.

A hybrid mix of in-person attendees and remote meeting participants will be an inevitable component of our “new normal.” Whether using Webex or Teams consider the following tips from for your next meeting:

As the meeting organizer in the office:


  • Consider the meeting from the remote participant perspective When planning your meeting as yourself: What do remote participants need to see in order to fully engage? Should they be able to see the faces of in-room attendees, shared presentations, physical documents handed out, content created during the meeting on whiteboards, etc.?
  • Test the technology in your conference room in advance. Nothing kills a meeting’s momentum like AV issues. Prior to any meeting, test the audio-visual set up — both in-room and for the remote attendees. It’s well worth the effort.

As a Participant in an Open Office:  

  • Use a Headset, especially noise-cancelling headsets, are an excellent tool for participating in conference calls in noisy offices.
  • Harness the power of muting & un-muting.  
  • Find a quiet place, especially if you are leading the meeting. No need to camp out all day, use your agency conference room protocols to find the right room for you.   

How to turn off or modify call forwarding from your desk phone

If you have been working remote your desk phone may have been forwarded to your mobile device by you or your Agency Telecom Coordinator.


  • Depending on your desk phone model, you can cancel call forwarding by:
  • Cisco phone- Press CFwdAll softkey right below your display screen.
  • Avaya phone- Enter #22 OR select the call forward hard key on your key pad.
  • Test it: Call the Desk Telephone number, the call should ring solely there.
  • Need to activate or re-activate your call forwarding?
  • Cisco phone- Press the CFwdAll softkey, enter 9+ (10 digit) destination #. If it is a long distance #, enter (1) before the 10 digit #.
  • Avaya phone- Enter *22 àenter 9+ (10 digit) destination #. If it is a long distance #; enter (1) before the 10 digit #.

Please contact your Agency Telecom Coordinator (ATC) for further assistance.


Bonus Tip:

  • Need a hybrid solution that will support your calls ringing to your desk phone and mobile device simultaneously? Consider the following features (one time programming fee applies):
  • Cisco phone- Single Number Reach (SNR) feature allows users to answer incoming calls to their extension on either their desktop phone or at a remote destination, such as a mobile phone. Users can pick up active calls on the desktop phone or the remote phone without losing the connection.
  • Avaya phone- EC500 allows you to receive calls to your desk phone and your mobile phone simultaneously. Multiple personal phone numbers can be configured.


Please contact your Agency Telecom Coordinator (ATC) to begin submission for these requests.


Is your desk phone’s red voicemail light indicator on? Here’s how to retrieve your voice messages on your desk phone:  

  • On a Cisco or Avaya desk phone: select the messages button Envelope outline (envelope icon) and enter your 6-digit pass code.  

If your passcode needs to be reset, contact your Agency Telecom Coordinator (ATC) and they will begin submission for your request.

Bonus Tip:

To check your desk top voicemail remotely:  

Call your desk phone number > enter * > Enter passcode followed by the # sign


How to re-map your printer to your laptop device?

To print from a network printer in your office, your laptop must be connected wirelessly on the “Secure” DC WiFi network.  

Please refer to this How-to guide to map a printer to your device:

Please contact your Agency CIO or IT Lead if you need assistance, or call OCTOhelps at (202) 671-1566

Need a Caller ID name change or update on your desk telephone display?

How to be secure at work?

Read DC Government’s IT Security Policies.

These policies provide guidance on using DC Government systems and resources securely:

See all of DC Government’s IT Security Policies at


Have a tech tip you’d like to see here? Submit feedback to the Office of the Chief Technology Officer.


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